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COVID-19 update: Swiftclean adds new services to help combat Coronavirus

Published 20th March, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: Swiftclean adds new services to help combat Coronavirus

Ventilation ductwork cleaning expert Swiftclean has announced that it will be diverting some of its engineer teams to provide two new services in response to the current Coronavirus situation. To assist building managers in minimising the risk of cross infection from the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the company will offer two new dedicated services - ventilation ductwork deep cleaning and environmental cleaning for hard surfaces.

Gary Nicholls, MD, said: “For the most part, as long as people employ sensible measures such as regular hand washing and keeping a two metre distance, there is no need to worry unduly about spreading Coronavirus within premises. However, if you do have a suspected or confirmed case, there are a few sensible measures that can be employed to help reduce the risk of further cases, so we are responding with some new services, using the skill and expertise of our experienced engineers.”

The first new service is a deep clean of the ventilation system. An airborne virus like COVID-19 Coronavirus has the potential to enter a ventilation system, the BESA notes in its COVID-19 and Air Conditioning Systems advice note on prevention: “any airborne contaminants can be minimised, if not eliminated, by proper and effective filtration and regular cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems. A clean ventilation system is an essential part of a healthy building and it is essential that any ventilation system serving a building where confirmed cases have been diagnosed are sanitised in accordance with best practice, and that any buildings where no cases have been confirmed have their ventilation system cleaned to industry best practice as a preventative measure during this time and on-going”.

Using a medical surface disinfectant which kills the COVID-19 Coronavirus and almost all other known viruses and bacteria, Swiftclean engineers will deep clean all the inner surfaces of ventilation ductwork, leaving them clean and virus free.

Secondly, Swiftclean will offer a hard surfaces environmental clean for areas in which there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. Scientific advice is that the Coronavirus can exist for up to 72 hours on hard surfaces, before it is significantly diminished. During that 72 hour period, it is advisable to carry out a thorough clean of all hard surfaces to prevent further cross-infection. These include toilets, door handles, light switches, desks, chairs, tables, handrails, IT hardware and telephones, plus other equipment and fixtures. All on site teams are fully equipped with PPE, including gloves and masks, to maximise protection for both engineers and clients. These two services are launched with immediate effect.

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