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COVID-19 update: Environmental deep clean programme launched

Published 27th April, 2020 by Neil Nixon

COVID-19 update: Environmental deep clean programme launched

A Coronavirus environmental deep clean programme has been launched by Samsic UK. COVID-19 has impacted thousands of businesses - those having to stay open whilst ensuring the health and safety of building users and those looking to safely reopen after site closure comes to an end.

Samsic UK's deep clean service uses a range of innovative products and systems to clean, sanitise and eliminate Coronavirus from all types of surfaces. A range of specialist solutions are featured, including chemical-free cleaning using mopping, wiping, machine floor contact, and fogging and spray technology.

Designed to deliver the highest levels of sanitisation with no chance for cross contamination, Samsic's workflow process ensures that no area of a room or building can be forgotten and that high-contact areas receive the most detailed attention, eliminating any trace of the virus.

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