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Council staff are clean and green

Published 14th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Council staff are clean and green

The cleaning staff across Liverpool City Council are now using the most environmentally friendly cleansing products available having called in Jangro member Wray Bros of Liverpool to advise.

The council’s 300-strong army of cleaners has banned the use of bleach and all products that are harmful to the environment, and has replaced them with alternative eco products. The council has adopted the Jangro ‘Enviro’ product range which has a significantly lower environmental impact in terms of its manufacturing process, delivery and use. This important move will go a long way to making sure the city meets its carbon reduction commitments in the coming years.

Liverpool’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Mike Storey, who asked for the new eco-friendly products to be used at the Town Hall, said: “The initial response from the cleaners and Town Hall staff has been overwhelmingly positive and we would encourage other businesses and all residents to use similar environmentally-friendly cleaning products to help make Liverpool the greenest city in the UK.”

Councillor Berni Turner, Liverpool’s executive member for the environment, said: “This is a fantastic scheme. We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to make Liverpool greener and this really is a solution that will benefit individuals and the environment. We don’t want to use toxic products that could be harmful to people or damage the environment for future generations.”

The city council’s cleaning services department provides a wide range of cleansing services to 180 buildings across the city.

Trials of the new Jangro products from Wray Brothers started in October and are now being introduced across all council buildings including the famous St George’s Hall. Wray Brothers has also introduced a range of more environmentally friendly delivery vehicles and the city council has given a commitment to reduce the amount of delivery days each year by half.