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Costs of gum removal 'slashed'

Published 25th October, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Costs of gum removal 'slashed'

A British company has invented and launched Gumwand, a new product that is claimed to slash the cost of removing chewing gum from pavements and floors to under 1p per piece of gum. Gumwand is environmentally-friendly and safely removes gum from pavements combining steam and 'green' detergents.

Gary Fage, director of Janitorial Express, has been testing the product. He said: “Tackling the sticky problem on the streets is about to be made a whole lot easier and less expensive with this new machine. I predict that Gumwand will take the market by storm. We are certainly stocking it and will be pushing it hard.”

Martin Whitbread, inventor of the product, said: “Gumwand removes chewing gum at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, of other methods. With over a decade of experience in the chewing gum removal business, I dreamed up this new product in 2011 and Gumwand has invested £500,000 in its development. Gumwand uses a steam process to break up the gum and a powder is created from the residue. The Gumwand operator then simply brushes the powder away. The whole process only takes a couple of seconds and is much greener than the freezing methods typically used. Local authorities tend to use a dedicated vehicle for their current gum removal machines to remove gum fortnightly or monthly but the Gumwand is a standalone product that doesn't require special transportation - you could even take it on a bus. It only costs £5 per hour to run the chewing gum removal machine; that's less than 1p per piece of gum destroyed.”

Gumwand is actively seeking distributors worldwide and conforms to all required EU directives for machines.

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