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Cost and sustainability benefits in the washroom

Published 12th February, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Cost and sustainability benefits in the washroom

Switching to Tork Mild Foam Soap has resulted in cost and sustainability benefits for Interserve. And the fact that the soap is a high quality, non-drip product in a smart dispensing system is also a plus for the company, says cleaning supplies buyer Paul Harrison.

Tork Mild Foam Soap is now being used in the washrooms of Intersection House, Interserve's eight-storey office in West Bromwich. “We are encouraged by the sustainability of the foam hand soap product,” said Harrison. “There are more shots of soap in each refill than with our previous liquid soap, therefore we don't use as many refills resulting in less plastic coming into the building. Besides being a sustainability advantage this also means that the soap is more cost-effective and saves us money. The Tork Elevation dispenser for Tork Mild Foam Soap also looks smart and staff say the soap feels smooth and soft on the skin. And being a foam, the soap does not drip at all which means there is no mess.”

Tork Mild Foam Soap, which contains natural skin lipids to prevent dryness, is housed in a container that holds 2500 doses of quality foam soap - more than double the number contained in a liquid soap dispenser of the same size. This means that refilling time is more than halved.

The dispenser has been purpose-designed to allow anyone to access the soap inside, even people with reduced hand strength.

Other foam soaps in the Tork range are luxurious Tork Premium Luxury Foam Soap, Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap which is ideal for environments where a particularly mild formulation is required, and Tork Antimicrobial Foam Cleanser which contains 40% ethanol to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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