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Cordless cleaning from Makita

Published 16th May, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Cordless cleaning from Makita

Makita offers a range of cordless vacuum cleaners to provide flexible and mobile cleaning solutions that are easy to use. Many products in the range are powered by its 18V lithium-ion LXT batteries that deliver superior run times and short charge times.

Among the latest additions to the portfolio is the new battery powered DVC261ZX11 Brushless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner. The twin 18V lithium-ion batteries housed on the cleaner power the 36V DC brushless motor drive system, which provides high performance and an extended run time. External battery powered machines such as this can offer particular benefits for cleaning businesses. They deliver the mobility and flexibility of a cordless product with excellent run times and the ability to simply swap batteries, so work is not disrupted.

The new DVC261Z, which weighs 3.9kg plus batteries, has been designed for ease of use. The vacuum cleaner features a simple to use controller with on/off and max/high/low power selection switches. To ensure easy access to the controller it attaches to the waist belt of the adjustable backpack harness. An intelligent mode memory function streamlines operation as it allows start-up using the same power settings used when the vacuum cleaner was turned off. The DVC261Z also features a telescopic straight pipe that can be adjusted to suit the user’s height and an LED job light ideal for cleaning confined spaces.

The DVC261Z has low vibration and noise levels but produces 105, 55 and 30 watts of suction power in maximum, high and low settings with an improved maximum airflow of 2.3 m³/min and sealed suction of 11 kPa. Using 2 x 6.0Ah Makita li-ion batteries, run times of 40, 75 and 140 minutes can be achieved in low, high and maximum settings. The high quality HEPA filter can be easily removed for cleaning and either a large capacity 2 litre paper or 1.5 litre cloth dust bag can be fitted.

The flexibility, efficiency and simple operation of Makita’s backpack vacuum cleaners mean they are suitable for a wide range of environments and applications. For example, they have been used by a number of airline and train operators, including Greater Anglia Trains, to ensure swift and effective cleaning to minimise turnaround times.

The LXT lithium-ion technology featured in the 18v Makita batteries delivers a number of benefits for the user. LXT batteries have a robust, shock absorbing design and can be charged from any power level without affecting the life of the battery - no discharging required. They also have very low self-discharge rates meaning batteries can be stored and will be ready to use when they are needed.

The 18v range of LXT batteries includes 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0AH capacities with charge times as little as 22 minutes for 3.0AH and just 55 minutes for the 6.0AH. A variety of charging options are available including fast charge, twin port and in-vehicle chargers to suit an array of different applications.

The Makita portfolio of 18v battery powered cleaners also includes cordless cyclone and capsule-type stick vacuum cleaners as well as a robotic machine for automatic cleaning.