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Coming to the rescue of the fire service

Published 30th May, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Coming to the rescue of the fire service

Disposables UK has joined forces with South Yorkshire Fire Service to provide products for its washroom facilities in all its stations across the region.

South Yorkshire Fire Service operates 24 busy fire stations across an area covering Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster. With the teams using washroom facilities day in day out, there was a need for washroom products that could meet high demand, and also reduce waste, mess and costs. System sales specialist at Disposables UK, Magaretta Murray, introduced South Yorkshire Fire Service to the Eco-label accredited range of Bay West products. Impressed by the green credentials and the associated cost-saving advantages of the product range, South Yorkshire Fire Service began a trial run of the 'official green washroom products'. Following a successful test-run in the head office washroom, and positive feedback from the team, the Bay West system is now being rolled out to all other stations across the region.

Disposables UK chose Bay West Revolution and Bay West Optiserv hands-free systems for the stations' washrooms and, as befits a fire station, supplied dispensers in 'fire engine red' to give a personal touch. Product quality was paramount, but having sustainable product was also essential.

Bay West Revolution is a high-capacity three-roll holding toilet tissue dispenser, which features a carousel mechanism designed to deliver continuous supply. The system reduces waste and manpower and the toilet rolls are kept locked and protected, making them secure and hygienic.

Bay West Optiserv hands-free is a controlled usage dispenser, which delivers pre-measured paper towels, reducing over-use and waste. The high-capacity dispenser is completely hands-free and the user has limited contact with anything other than their towel. Optiserv Hands-Free is not only ideal for fire stations, but also for office and high traffic environments in industry and manufacturing markets.

The Bay West range of products was selected due to the many features and benefits they offer, including waste reduction, high capacity and cost savings. South Yorkshire Fire Service is already benefiting from savings - by installing the Bay West range in its head office washroom alone, it will save £2550 per year.

In addition to these numerous advantages, South Yorkshire Fire Service was particularly keen on Bay West's green credentials. Disposables UK claims to be the first paper converter in the UK away-from-home market to be awarded EU recognised certification and Bay West was the first brand to provide a range of environmentally-preferred washroom products. Having attained the Ecolabel accreditation, many Bay West Products can now officially be credited as 'green washroom' products.

Such was the success of the head office trial run, South Yorkshire Fire Service will now include Disposables UK's products at all its 24 sites across the region. Kirsty Dodson, team leader for performance and systems, procurement section at South Yorkshire Fire Service, said: “We trialled the Bay West products at two sites - our headquarters in Sheffield and a site in Rotherham. The cost savings and the green credentials made a big impression and the trial run of the products have made it easier for our cleaning staff to keep on top of stock levels. We now plan to roll out the Bay West products to the remaining stations in the region. I've been really impressed by the professionalism of Disposables UK and the quality of the Bay West range. Magaretta made the whole process so simple and has even offered to come and train our cleaning staff on how to replenish the products.”

Magaretta Murray, system sales specialist at Disposables UK, said: “Fire stations are, by their very nature, high traffic areas and washroom products need to provide maximum effect with minimum fuss. By selecting the Bay West range of products the South Yorkshire Fire Service can be assured of products that will work hard and bring the benefits of product quality, cost saving and green credentials. I'm delighted that they have chosen Bay West as their product of choice in all their stations in South Yorkshire.”

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