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Combined cleaning and security deal for Sage Gateshead

Published 22nd July, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Combined cleaning and security deal for Sage Gateshead

The Axis Group has extended the services it provides Sage Gateshead, the music and entertainment venue exhibiting national, regional and international performances, to include a combined cleaning and security contract.

Having been pleased with the manned guarding services provided by Axis Security, Stephen Little, director of operations at Sage Gateshead, was keen to explore the advantages in combining security with a cleaning and support services contract delivered by Axis Cleaning and Support Services which forms part of the same Axis Group. “The security team won 'national team of the year' at Axis Security's national security awards and this is testament to the dedication the team shows,” said Little. “It is more than just a security contract, however. Customer service is crucial when welcoming performers and the public, and these standards were something we were looking for in our cleaning provision. By combining the two contracts we have been able to use both the cleaning and security hours in the most efficient way, ensuring that we retain valuable and experienced staff members.”

Axis Group is now providing full cleaning services to the entire building, including all back-stage areas, the stages and auditoriums, dressing rooms, bathrooms, front-of-house and main concourse.

Axis Group transferred all existing cleaning staff under TUPE and Little has been pleased with how the mobilisation has gone: “Performances continue to run regardless of when we change suppliers and, as hoped, the change over has been very smooth. As we have seen with the security contract, part of this is because Axis management is on hand locally to proactively manage issues when they arise.”

Jonathan Levine, Axis Group CEO, says that the group's combined service offering is proving a success across the country: “We won the contract by achieving the highest scores in the tender criteria, but we are also able to provide the added benefit of a linked security and cleaning management system and the cost efficiencies of a combined contract. This concept is relatively new in this industry and we look forward to demonstrating how well it can work at the Sage Gateshead.”

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