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Colourful new premier range cleans to the Maximum

Published 25th January, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Colourful new premier range cleans to the Maximum

The latest line-up of powerful and effective premier cleaning chemicals from Greyland has a palette that not only bursts with colour, but also packs a powerful cleaning punch - hence the Maximum tag.

First colour off the palette is the Green-Maximum Biological Cleaner/Deodoriser 750ml spray bottle to remove organic staining and maintain a clean, odour free washroom. Next comes the 5 litre Cherry-Maximum Extraction Carpet Cleaner/Deodoriser, a low foaming product suitable for use in either hot or cold water carpet cleaning machines. This is followed by the 5L Blu-Maximum Highly Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser designed for the food industry, and the 5L Lemon-Maximum Floor Gel , formulated to remove even the heaviest deposits of oil, grease and grime from hard floor surfaces. Finally, Purple-Maximum is the 4 Way Toilet Descaler that cleans, descales, deodorises, and is stainless steel safe.

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