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Colostomy Association publishes guidelines for stoma-friendly toilets

Published 4th April, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Colostomy Association publishes guidelines for stoma-friendly toilets

UK charity, the Colostomy Association, has released its set of guidelines to ensure that toilet facilities meet the needs and requirements of people living with a stoma. The newly published guidelines aim to provide simple and cost-effective suggestions to toilet manufacturers to ensure that people living with a stoma are able to use public toilets without fear of having accidents or problems when changing their colostomy bag.

The Colostomy Association's guidelines are:

• Hook on door - to hang clothing and luggage while changing supplies.
• Shelf space - to enable ostomates to change bags without having to use toilet floor, toilet lid, or cistern.
• Sanitary bin in each cubicle - to avoid embarrassment of leaving cubicle to dispose of bag.
• Accessible toilet signage for ostomates - to reduce risk of harassment for ostomates using accessible toilets.

• Deep sink with flush - for hygienic removal of human waste.
• Thermostatic hand shower - providing warm water to rinse skin and wash clothings.
• Mirror - to assist application of stoma bag.

A spokesperson for the Colostomy Association said: “Many of our supporters have shared stories of having to change their bag on the floor or being unable to leave their home due to the lack of adequate toilet facilities. We hope our new guidelines will set out simple and cheap instructions that will make a positive difference in the lives of over 100,000 ostomates in the UK.”

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