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Closed door jetting systems ensure public safety

Published 9th November, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Closed door jetting systems ensure public safety

Flowplant has introduced an optional closed door operating facility on all its one man operation (OMO) van pack drain jetters to deter inquisitive members of the public gaining access while the operator is working away from the vehicle.

Flowplant's closed door system allows the drain jetter to be fully operated with maximum efficiency and security whilst all the vehicle doors are shut and locked. This is of particular benefit where jetter operation is carried out in high density public environments such as housing estates and commercial or shopping centres.

“Single person jetter operation has become much more common and over 75% of the drain jetters Flowplant sell are fitted with one man operation systems,” said Alistair Hiscock, sales director. “Due to the trip hazard associated with hard wired OMOs, radio control is also increasingly popular. These systems can easily work 100m away from the jetter and it is very possible that the operator will not be able to hear, let alone see, his machine when he is working. Our closed door system ensures the jetter is isolated, and that no passer-by can enter the van where they could get hurt, tamper with the controls, or steal valuable items. This gives our clients the peace of mind that the jetting unit and all the tools stored in the vehicle will be kept safe and secure during the jetting operation.”

Flowplant offers closed door operation on all its new van pack drain jetters and can retrofit the facility to existing equipment if required.

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