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Clearer labels roll out

Published 6th January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Clearer labels roll out

The latest incarnation of Greyland labels sees an anti-fade, wet resistant, more durable surface that is not only clearer and brighter than ever, but is augmented with guiding pictograms to indicate acidity/alkalinity ratios, and a QR code as well as a new visible coding system for improved stock control.

Key images also help with product selection. For example, the catering range has catering images, handcare products, a pair of hands, and so on.

A product summary is printed on every label and any dilution or application instructions are precise and to the point in plain English.

Greyland brand cleaning chemicals have always benefitted from clear, bright labelling, but perhaps the most important aspect is that the product name is exactly what the product does. Oven cleaner on the label means that oven cleaner is in the container. Wet look floor polish is exactly that. That much will never change. And the same goes for every single product in the extensive Greyland range, with the possible exception of Triple Clean, the nearest Greyland gets to a brand name on the label. Triple Clean, for those who wonder, is a triple concentrated washroom cleaner effective against most common forms of bacteria.

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