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Cleaning without chemicals

Published 5th June, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Cleaning without chemicals

Wecovi recently established an international cooperation with Tersano, a company that has developed a cleaning system that turns mains water into stabilized ozone water.

The system consists of a lotus PRO dispenser and a SAO-24 cartridge. The cartridge is a stabilisation module filtering lime and minerals out of the cold mains water. The lotus PRO dispenser filters oxygen out of the air.

Electric current turns the oxygen into ozone, which is added to the stable water. The mains water has now been transformed into ozone water, available from the lotus PRO dispenser for immediate use. Cleaning with this stabilized ozone water, or SAO as it is called, is – according to Wecovi - on average 38% more powerful than cleaning with mains water and chemicals.

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