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Cleaning - with just cold water

Published 15th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Cleaning - with just cold water

A recent study found that people spend six years of their life cleaning. But what if you could clean a building twice as fast, using just cold water?

Enjo chemical free cleaning products do just that. They are tested by the Federal Hygienic Department of Vorarlberg, Austria confirming that the chemical-free products clean 6.5 times better than traditional cleaning products. In fact, they’re so safe they even have a children’s range.

Studies reveal that the average UK household spends £130 a year on cleaning products, and that our least favourite cleaning task - the bathroom - takes on average 22.3 minutes to complete. Traditional cleaning products expose us to a cocktail of toxic chemicals which are ingested, inhaled and cause a variety of illnesses and allergies.

In an effort to combat the dangers discovered in the studies, Enjo has created a range of non-chemical fibre technology products that can deep clean surfaces, eliminating bacteria, grease and dirt up to 50% faster, conserving water and eliminating plastic bottles and packaging.

The secret is the award-winning fibre that the Enjo range is made from. The ‘green fibre’ has the ability to reach into the pores of surfaces, removing 99.99% of bacteria on the surface.

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