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Cleaning businesses ready for new environmental laws?

Published 26th April, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Cleaning businesses ready for new environmental laws?

Businesses in the sewage, waste and cleansing sector are at risk of prosecution and fines if they fail to comply with new environmental legislation which is expected to come into force during 2009.

Many businesses operating in the sector in England and Wales have only a matter of months to make any necessary changes to bring themselves in line with new regulations on waste controls and environmental damage. However, research from environmental guidance website shows that a significant number of small and medium-sized organisations involved in sewage and waste are unlikely to be aware of the changes.

Richard Martin, programme manager at NetRegs, said: “When asked, 57% of sewage, waste and cleansing businesses could not identify any piece of environmental legislation unprompted - highlighting that although businesses in this sector have better awareness than most other sectors, there is still some way to go. At a time when the Environment Agency is stepping up its enforcement and businesses are at growing risk of being fined for non-compliance, SMEs cannot afford to let these new regulations go unheeded.” is a free environmental guidance website set up by the Environment Agency and other UK environmental regulators. SME subscribers can register for free email updates to inform them of regulations in advance of when they come into effect - ensuring businesses understand how changing laws apply to them.

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