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Chemical mis-use can cause 'irreversible damage to stone'

Published 3rd January, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Chemical mis-use can cause 'irreversible damage to stone'

A subsidiary of Thomann-Hanry, interior stone specialists Specialist Stone Care, has warned of the mis-use of chemicals on interior stone potentially causing irreversible damage to the stonework of some of London’s most prestigious residences.

The business is headed up by Kevin Hooper, a specialist with over 30 years’ experience. He said: “Internal stone flooring, staircases and decorative features can be incredibly beautiful. Much like anything else, however, if left uncared for the cost of maintenance and ultimately restoration can prove exceptionally expensive. One key example of this is when the wrong chemicals are used when cleaning the stone. This is a very common issue that can arise even when employing cleaning or maintenance companies. It is often not appreciated that depending upon the type of stone, different chemicals are required as part of the cleaning process. For example, a polished marble floor requires a different treatment to that used on a honed granite floor.”

The answer to this is to use experienced professionals who can be relied on to use the correct treatment for the different stone. Using the wrong chemicals can often cause significant and in some cases irreparable damage. The process of cleaning and maintaining internal stonework is not difficult, but Specialist Stone Care highlights that there are multiple variables to consider:

• The type of stone that is requiring treatment.
• What type of finish the stone has.
• Any pre-existing wear and tear.
• Whether it is an area of high footfall.

Spending years working with a broad client list the importance of managing client’s expectations is key so a test clean not only establishes the best material to use on the project but also acts as a benchmark for clients. All natural stone will lose some of its original lustre over a period of time - stains can cause disfiguration, grout can deteriorate, and a build up of engrained dust and grime will cause the sheen to fade. Specialist Stone Care only uses the finest materials and the best techniques to strip and reseal all types of natural stone and will always ensure that the right chemicals are used.

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