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Chemical-free ionised water cleaning tool

Published 23rd March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Chemical-free ionised water cleaning tool

Just announced in Europe and newly available to UK businesses and industry for chemical-free cleaning is the Activeion ionator EXP, a handheld, on-demand, completely chemical-free cleaning tool that activates and converts tap water into ionised water, a powerful bacteria-killing cleanser that also kills the swine ‘flu virus from surfaces, where it can live for 24hrs or more.

The Activeion ionator EXP, slightly larger than a conventional trigger- spray bottle, is simply filled with tap water, with no added chemicals. When the trigger is pressed, a 12V diaphragm pump starts a continuous flow of water. The tap water passes through a water cell that applies a small electrical charge, activating the water, after which it passes through an ion-exchange membrane and is separated into an oxygen-rich mixture of positively and negatively charged nano- bubbles. The activated water breaks down dirt from most surfaces including glass, stainless steel, wood, carpet, natural stone, marble and clothing. In fact, it can replace many general-purpose chemical cleaners commonly used for these types of surfaces.

Independent third-party lab results certify that when used as directed, the Activeion ionator EXP kills 99.9% of harmful common bacteria such as E. Coli, E. Coli 0157:H7, VRE, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Staph, MRSA, and Listeria, and eliminates the 2009 H1N1 influenza A swine ‘flu virus in just six seconds. With the Activeion ionator EXP, cleaning professionals everywhere can save time, reduce costs, and protect the environment and people.

“Given the increasing focus in Europe on environmentally safe products, we’re pleased to be launching this chemical-free cleaning product and to be contributing to helping UK organisations further reduce their carbon footprints,” said Andre G. Krell, general manager of Activeion (Europe) GmbH, based in Baden, Switzerland. “We have test results proving the environmental benefits of switching to the Activeion ionator EXP - benefits which include 97% less acid rain, 99% less global warming, 99% less smog, 99% less ozone depletion, 98% less air pollution, 99% less energy consumption, and 100% less water pollution.”

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