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Chemical-free cleaning solution launches

Published 30th January, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Chemical-free cleaning solution launches

Green World Innovations, manufacturer of high performance disinfecting and sanitising ozone based products, has launched the lotus PRO cleaning solution to the UK market. The lotus PRO cleaning system quickly transforms water into aqueous ozone - nature's cleaner - by simply infusing water with ozone, which the unit can efficiently stabilise for up to 24 hours. The infused water or aqueous ozone is totally chemical free and serves as a viable alternative to chemical cleaning products. It can be used to effectively and efficiently clean before changing safely back into ordinary water and oxygen, reducing the impact on employees and the environment.

Capable of producing a continuous flow of approximately 14 litres of aqueous ozone per minute - using the equivalent power of just two 40 watt bulbs - the solution provides a residue-free cleaner that guarantees a longer lasting clean as well as reduced slip hazard on any surface. As well as eliminating pathogens, grime and grease, the solution uses no toxic chemicals which means there are no hazards from splashing, fumes, skin or eye irritation and is safe for sufferers of asthma. It also improves productivity as no rinsing is required.

With a successful track record in Canada - where the solution was first launched five years ago - the lotus PRO cleaning system is proven to deliver key benefits including the reduction of cleaning costs by up to 50% as well as significantly reducing cleaning times. It is currently being used by a wide range of businesses from government buildings to hotels and shopping centres.

Martin Booth, managing director of Green World Innovations, said: “We are very excited to bring the lotus PRO technology to the UK market as a proven and powerful chemical free cleaning alternative. Aqueous ozone technology is not only improving the quality of work for employees but is helping to reduce costs and improve productivity. We believe the solution will set off a natural cleaning revolution and we have already seen plenty of positive signs of how UK businesses will respond.”

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