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Chemex donates vital supplies to counter Ebola outbreak

Published 18th November, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Chemex donates vital supplies to counter Ebola outbreak

Vital supplies are being airlifted to help curb the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone by hygiene specialists Chemex. Chemex has donated several tons of high level hypochlorite disinfectants and hand soaps to help improve infection control. The supplies are being distributed via the Glasgow-based Scotia Aid charity.

Sean Derrig, scientific director for Chemex, said: "The real tragedy about the outbreak in Sierra Leone is that preventable deaths are occurring, and not just from Ebola itself. Because healthcare workers are at such risk clinics are closed so people can't get access to treatment for illnesses that are not normally fatal - such as children with malarial seizures. It is extremely sad that the virus is spreading because the country lacks the necessary resources and we hope that providing infection control solutions will help protect health workers and encourage others to come to the country's aid. Hopefully, the decision by President Obama to send in 3000 military personnel to provide a major healthcare training and hygiene programme will help fill this gap."

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