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Published 21st April, 2016 by Neil Nixon for a king!

Bodelwyddan Castle, a museum in Denbighshire, Wales, is over 500 years old and has recently been restored to the height of its Victorian splendour. The castle boasts nine historic rooms with collections from the National Portrait Gallery, V&A, and Royal Academy of Arts.

It's not just the pictures on the walls that attract attention - the carpeted areas in these rooms also feature beautiful designs and colours. Keeping these valuable assets clean and in prime condition is a problem faced by many public access buildings across the UK, especially when carpets need to be in constant use and always looking their best. Another important consideration for the Bodelwyddan Castle Trust curators was the need for specialist cleaning as the use of water would raise the humidity to unacceptable levels and potentially damage the valuable paintings and furniture on display.

The answer was to call in the services of Andrew Jones, proprietor of Pomegranate Floor North Wales, who uses the Host dry extraction cleaning system. He was able to ensure that the custom made Axminster carpets were not only thoroughly cleaned and restored but that they were ready for use again immediately after cleaning.

Andrew Jones said: “The carpets at Bodelwyddan are all bespoke, custom made Axminsters, mostly 27" hand sewn together, bordered and requiring specialist cleaning. Water or moisture in these carpets would be a disaster, and moisture is monitored throughout the building to protect the portraits which are irreplaceable. The Host process is a unique all in one system that gets carpets clean and back in use immediately. Using the Host Freestyle machine to thoroughly vacuum and pile lift the carpet removes dry soil from top to bottom of the carpet fibres. Host sponges - a non-abrasive organic fibre moistened with water that contains safe to use cleaning agent and detergent - are then applied and brushed through the carpet by the Freestyle. This brushing action breaks up and traps any remaining sticky soil. Finally, the powerful vacuum removes the soiled cleaner. The great advantage is that carpets are ready to be used again immediately with no mess and no drying time needed.”

Morrigan Mason, deputy director of Bodelwyddan Castle, who commissioned the cleaning programme, said: “The carpets at Bodelwyddan Castle are a real feature. They have over 60,000 pairs of feet walking over them every year and people like to see their amazing colours and design, created from carefully researched archival patterns. The organic dry cleaning solution Andrew Jones provided was ideal. The process was quick and there was no use of water or harsh chemicals, which meant the collections were safe. Andrew also has an expert knowledge of how the carpets are made and was trusted to carry out minor repairs as part of the service. The effect of the clean has been impressive and the carpets have a new brightness to them.”

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