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Carpet cleaning system 'saves time'

Published 9th July, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Carpet cleaning system 'saves time'

Oztek is a fast cleaning system for both carpeted and hard flooring that wipes clean carpet fibres and floor surfaces from all angles, oscillating dirt and contaminates from fibres and surfaces, removing soil which, according to the manufacturer, traditional methods simply not. The Oztek opens and restores carpet pile fast and efficiently - for instance, 200sq metres of heavily contaminated nursing home carpet was cleaned in one hour, leaving it looking like new and odour free.

According to the manufacturer, Oztek is a new standard for carpet and floor cleaning using industry leading oscillation technology, brought to you by the team that first developed the concept 28 years ago. It now challenges the ordinary by providing carpets that are not only deep cleaned but certifiably clean. This is an area that the team behind the development of the Oztek system for the UK has placed huge importance upon, in reaction to the demands from a growing number of businesses who are taking a fresh look at their cleaning processes and choosing to eliminate toxins, boost employee health and safety, and provide an excellent environment for staff and clients alike.

Oztek, in conjunction with partners Centrego Ltd, uses ECA water to produce highly effective, non-toxic cleaners, and disinfects using only tap water, salt and electricity - produced on site for less than a penny per litre. The cleaners produced are not only capable of cleaning carpets but also all hard surfaces.

Once cleaned, the Oztek team utilise the most commonly adopted method for testing the cleanliness a surface. The system is used throughout the world for its sensitivity, speed and convenience and by using it, Oztek is able to certify the level of cleanliness using this test method 'on-site' at the time of the clean.

The Oztek oscillation machine, originally developed in the USA, has been modified for the UK market into a more compact unit with a highly efficient and stable 40kg cleaning head, working at an oscillating head speed of 1750rpm. The Oztek maximises the efficiency of the oscillation process enabling the system to generate results on the most demanding and contaminated carpet and floor surfaces. The machine features a multi-adjustable handle, 10” wheels, a 10 litre tank for ECA water and a 1HP motor. Bespoke branding and colour options are available.

Howard O'Brien, managing director of Oztek Floorcare Ltd, said: “I realise that we, like many before us, can make all manner of claims about our new product launches but the feedback from our contractor base more than justifies our claim that the Oztek really does set new standards in carpet and hard floor cleaning and, we know, it frees time for extra business and different types of work. But don't just take our word for it - we want organisations and contractors to witness the Oztek's power and performance first hand! If you want to free time to generate new business, take on cleaning jobs that were too big for your existing system or too much of a challenge, or to free time for you to spend away from your business the Oztek delivers on this too. Over the next few months we are holding a series of trial days throughout the UK - they are free to attend and will be held in premises that offer genuine problems to be solved - challenges that we are confident the Oztek will rise to.”

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