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Carpet cleaning solution for healthcare environments

Published 5th November, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Carpet cleaning solution for healthcare environments

Traffik UK Ltd is providing a range of services that will restore nursing and care home carpets otherwise destined for replacement, revitalising bedrooms, corridors and public spaces and giving building owners back an easily maintainable floor covering that looks like new. In short, a sustainable way to restore and maintain carpets without the need to replace.

According to the company, Traffik can: restore carpet even in the most demanding environments; assist you with a significant reduction and easy management of odours; maintain your carpets without the use of chemicals using ECA water; certify the level of your carpet's cleanliness using surface analysis; use low moisture cleaning systems that can be carried out during the daytime without any disruption to your working day; and provide a maintenance programme that will ensure that high standards of cleanliness are always met.

Using the new Oztek carpet cleaning system, which cleans and sanitises carpets without chemicals, Traffik can remove dried drinks, medicines, spills, greyness, and marks, and help to restore the structure of your carpet so that it looks and feels like new again. Traffik's systems are fast, efficient and quiet with no downtime waiting for rooms or corridors to dry - odour is managed and colour restored.

With over 26 years of experience in providing innovative flooring solutions for all types of hard and soft floor surfaces, Traffik UK Ltd offers a complete range of specialist cleaning and maintenance programmes as a service or for in-house use.

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