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Caretex Pro laundry range launched

Published 6th April, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Caretex Pro laundry range launched

The Caretex Pro range from specialist laundry and dry cleaning supplier Alex Reid is now available. Designed for professional use, Caretex Pro provides good levels of cleanliness and hygiene whilst also offering value. Alex Reid already has an extensive product portfolio that includes essential consumables, chemicals, laundry supplies, sundries, machinery, and spares and parts, offering over 3500 items to laundry businesses across the UK.

Being part of Christyens UK means Alex Reid is at the forefront of new product innovation and in prime position to bring the very latest technology to its customers. Caretex Pro meets today’s tough laundry demands by providing a range of liquids that offer maximum cleaning power at lower temperatures and with increasingly complex fabrics.

“Our team can’t wait to get the new Caretex Pro range out in the market,” said general manager, Stuart Fullerton. “These products are uniquely formulated and the comprehensive range means that launderers will always have the perfect combination of chemicals to tackle even the most complex wash requirements.”

The Caretex Pro range includes nine products, all with a specific function and effective with all water types. Delivered in eco-friendly recyclable containers, the products are kind to machines and are most effective working in combination with the Flux-Box automated dosing system, especially designed for hard-working small laundries.

Flux-Box automatically feeds the correct dose of laundry chemicals from the chemical containers via a wall-mounted pump module directly into the laundry machine at the optimum point in the wash cycle - ensuring accurate dosing, consistent performance and minimal waste. Up to eight pump modules can be combined to meet the needs of multiple machines.

Alex Reid offers Flux-Box, including its installation, maintenance and engineering support, completely free of charge to those customers agreeing to Caretex Pro exclusively, as well as providing full training on both chemical usage and the Flux-Box dosing system.

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