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Carbon footprint challenge pays off

Published 13th December, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Carbon footprint challenge pays off

Two Sodexo employees who work at Aldershot Garrison have been praised for their commitment to reducing the site’s carbon footprint after being challenged to find environmentally friendly solutions for the services they provide. Over the period of one year, Mark Hobbs, Sodexo cleaning manager, and Dave Gisby, Sodexo transport manager, have successfully reduced the site’s carbon footprint by 167 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The pair were set objectives as part of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan - its worldwide sustainability strategy to 2020. One of the Better Tomorrow Plan’s key commitments is to protect the environment, and more specifically to reduce its carbon footprint at all sites where it operates, by 2020.

As cleaning manager, Hobbs has significantly reduced the number and volume of chemicals used to clean the site. He has done this by identifying best practices for his team, which established where reductions in chemicals could be made. With a sustainable procurement mindset, Hobbs worked with Sodexo’s suppliers to lower the number of chemicals used by ordering mostly super-concentrates. In turn, Hobbs also reduced packaging and significantly lowered the number of deliveries needed each month.

Gisby focused his efforts on fuel emissions to reduce his team’s carbon footprint. The actions he took to reduce the number of vehicles used included the introduction of a car sharing scheme, efficient mini bus and coach routes to pick up staff on site, and regular vehicle maintenance inspections. As part of a Sodexo-wide initiative, Gisby has trialled an electric car for the transportation of goods, laundry and snacks across the garrison which will also reduce the number of fuelled vehicles in the fleet.

Peter Scargill, Sodexo contract director, said: “I am delighted that we have been able reduce our carbon footprint so effectively at the garrison and in line with both our own and the Minstry of Defence’s targets. Mark and Dave have done an excellent job driving these improvements forwards and we are using their achievements as a benchmark in other areas.”

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