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Call to save on water bills and prepare for EC regulations

Published 23rd May, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Call to save on water bills and prepare for EC regulations

Initial Washrooms Solutions (IWS) has called on UK businesses to prepare themselves ahead of the European Commission’s directive on water management in 2012.

The EC is expected to table a 'Blueprint for Safeguarding Europe's Water' in 2012, which will cover water savings in all areas, but Giles Moxon, product manager at IWS, feels that businesses need to start improving water management within their premises now in readiness for new regulations: “By acting now, simple, cost effective improvements can be made. This could be installing water efficient technologies or promoting water saving practices with employees and customers, which will enable businesses to make big cost savings as well as conform to environmental regulations. Introducing water management systems can make a real difference to the bottom line of a business as well as providing water savings of up to 90%. Simple initiatives such as introducing water-saving technologies that reduce uncontrolled urinal flushing in male washrooms can save up to £700 a year per cistern. Modern systems also help prevent scale build up which can save businesses even more through reduced maintenance and expensive emergency plumbing call-outs.”

To help prepare ahead of the EC’s report, IWS recommends that businesses take the following steps:
• Scrutinise your latest water bill and ascertain how often your cisterns are flushing. If it’s a typical 9 litre urinal, there’s a good chance the amount of times it flushes a day can be reduced significantly.
• Speak to a service provider to see what your options are and understand the latest technologies available that can generate savings, such as IWS’ Eco-Clear system.
• Don’t forget your cubicles. There are simple Hippo Bag solutions that can save you water and money too.
• For the gadget conscious, there are even infra red systems, the unit will only flush when there is washroom activity.
• Ensure that your washrooms are serviced regularly.

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