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Buyers urged to check standards

Published 29th September, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Buyers urged to check standards

BPI Recycled Products is urging buyers to look for CHSA certified refuse sacks to make sure they always benefit from products that conform to the highest industry standards. The company is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of refuse sacks, recycling 65,000 tonnes of scrap polythene each year and supplying over 270,000 tonnes of polythene products to customers worldwide.

Too often buyers of plastic refuse sacks have not received what they paid for - for example, refuse sacks are described as 'heavy duty' but in reality fall short of this claim. The CHSA represents all the major manufacturers and distributors supplying cleaning and hygiene products in the UK. It has driven up standards, making it possible for buyers of cleaning products like refuse sacks to be sure when they buy accredited products that 'what's on the box is in the box'.

Lorcan Mekitarian, commercial director at BPI Recycled Products, said: “We believe it's vitally important for buyers to have confidence in the quality of the sacks that they are purchasing and that they don't fall foul of misleading their customers. Regardless of which supplier they purchase them from, buyers can easily check with the CHSA the ranking of that particular supplier within the scheme and the number of audits carried out on its sacks. When you buy refuse sacks from any CHSA accredited member, like BPI Recycled Products, you can be confident you will get exactly what you pay for. There are some company-led standards for refuse sacks but none of them meet the industry-led CHSA standards, which have transformed the market. Other standards don't have the same stringent criteria, including rigorous independent assessment and auditing, which the industry should be adhering to in order to get the best products into the hands of our customers. As a strong advocate of the CHSA Accreditation Scheme, BPI Recycled Products' entire Green Sack is manufactured to the exacting CHSA standards.

All CHSA members adhere to the code of practice and, where relevant, the manufacturing standards accreditation schemes for soft tissue products, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops make sure customers get what they pay for. Each scheme guarantees:

• Consistency of supply - customers receive what they order.
• Accurate labelling - customers know what is inside the packaging.
• Fully audited manufacturers - customers get what they pay for.

Crucially, application to one of the accreditation schemes doesn't guarantee membership as applicants are only admitted if they pass the initial audit of all their products, labels and quality control procedures conducted by the scheme's independent inspector. New members are audited four times in the first year of membership and at least twice annually thereafter. If they fail to meet the standard, they lose their accreditation membership.

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