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Building more profitable contracts

Published 21st June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Building more profitable contracts

Cleaning contractors can gain a true insight into the cost of delivering their services with the latest release of workforce management solution, Vanquish. Developed specifically to address the needs of modern cleaning contractors, Vanquish is the first workforce management system on the market to provide contractors with both an employee and contract view of the business.

With a new report from MTW Research suggesting the new National Living Wage is likely to reduce profitability in the contract cleaning sector for the short-term despite the market expected to grow by £100 million in 2016, cleaning companies need to gain total transparency of their costs and better manage their staff in order to build a profitable portfolio.

Intuitive and easy to use, Vanquish helps contractors gain complete visibility of their service delivery across multiple sites and automates the many processes required to deploy workers effectively to meet their contract requirements. All activities and variances relating to attendance, staff rosters, payroll, absences, and holiday entitlements can all be administered from a contractual point of view. For example, contractors can allocate best fit workers to each contract according to their availability, skill set, and competency levels using a traffic light system.

The software has the flexibility to track the 'actual' hours worked on client sites using data capture hardware to gain a true calculation of service delivery costs but also features an 'assumed hours' function. Vanquish also features a 'building reference' function to simplify the administration of multi-tenancy buildings and streamlines the rostering process by allowing managers to create 'teams' of individuals that regularly work shifts together.

By applying the relevant pay rates managers can gain a real-time insight into the cost of delivering each contract, excluding materials, and carry out an actual cost to contract analysis. With greater transparency of their costs, managers can quickly identify the most profitable contracts, see where money is being won and lost throughout their business, and make better informed decisions that will immediately improve their overall profitability.

Christian Berenger, operations director at Vanquish - Integrated People Solutions, said: “With the latest version release of Vanquish we have listened to the needs of our customers and built the functions that contractors need to improve their performance. The industry is unique in the fact that the workforce is 'contracted out', but up until now there hasn't been a workforce management system on the market that enables contractors to administer their workers against the needs of each contract. Vanquish acts as a contract repository and allows all employee processes, such as payroll, rostering, absences, and holiday booking to be administered from a contract point of view so contractors can gain a real insight into the performance of their contracts and maintain the highest standards of service delivery in order to drive profitability.”

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