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Bucket-free flat mopping system launched

Published 19th February, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Bucket-free flat mopping system launched

Contico Manufacturing Ltd is one of the UK's largest single source suppliers of wholesale cleaning, janitorial, spraying and hygiene solutions and provides clients throughout Europe with a range of over 2000 products, all designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of everyday intensive commercial cleaning demands.

Contico's portfolio of equipment has been specifically designed to cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance and the introduction of Stream, an innovate new bucket-free flat mopping system, is no exception.

Stream is a lightweight rust-free alloy mop with its own integral 500ml reservoir within the mop handle for water or mopping solution. Stream enables users to quickly and easily fill the reservoir using a jug or bottle and, by simply pushing the handle top cap down, to activate three jets of liquid ahead of the flat mopping head. Stream's tri-directional spray coverage produces just enough moisture to ensure floors can be quickly and easily cleaned without the need for wringing out.

Ideal for rapid response cleaning, the Stream mopping system enables a quick and effective way of cleaning and mopping up spills without dragging a heavy bucket of water around, making it perfect for busy and heavy trafficked areas. Because just the right amount of liquid is used there is no need for 'wet floor' signage and as the floor will dry quickly there is minimum disruption to the working environment. Easy to store, Stream is ready to react quickly to a whole host of floor spillage and cleaning issues.

Designed for use with Contico's range of microfibre flat mop heads and with the company's MF30F/MF40F frames, Stream is colour coded for hygienic mopping in environmentally sensitive areas. Stream is ideal for use on all hard flooring up to 140m2.

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