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Brushing up on batteries

Published 13th May, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Brushing up on batteries

It's the often-invisible force inside your cleaning machine of choice and as a result it's sometimes easy to forget the importance of the humble battery. The advantages in making the right power source selection are significant, so exactly what kind of battery should you be choosing as a manufacturer or distributor of machines, or indeed as a cleaning company maintaining a fleet? As professionals working with or within the cleaning industry you will no doubt be aware of the need for a deep-cycling battery, but which technology will offer the best lifetime value?

Navigating Deep Cycle Battery Technologies

As specialist battery distributors, DBS Energy recognise that there's so much to choose from when it comes to selecting power products. It's also easy to get confused; on the surface, your choice may be clear – there are significant initial cost variations that lead the wallet towards the most traditional technologies in the first instance. However, these are most likely not the best choices for Cleaning & Maintenance machines once they are put into operation.

Flooded batteries have existed, in various forms, since the late 19th century. Though flooded batteries are still relevant and widely used in the battery world, it is a fact that more modern technologies have the great advantage of being able to draw upon the benefit of hindsight, and the result is a selection of batteries that has taken heed of the best of what has been learnt from previous experience.

Our Battery Recommendations

DBS's resident battery experts advise investing in AGM, Gel Flat Plate & Gel Tubular technologies, which represent a three-tiered 'Good, Better, Best' product portfolio of lead acid batteries for the Cleaning & Maintenance market.

All three of these options - AGM, GFP & GTP – offer a step up from flooded lead acid and are:

  • Dry-cell – the small step of changing the state of the electrolyte in a lead acid battery from flooded to absorbed or gelled in nature makes them instantly:
  • More versatile to transport - a dry-cell battery is free from 'hazardous cargo' restrictions that govern flooded batteries and consequently add a mountain of paperwork and time to proceedings.
  • Less prone to damaging equipment – a flooded battery has the possibility of overflowing and causing problems with expensive machinery if tipped.
  • Maintenance-free - flooded batteries, although they have a cheaper initial cost and are technically capable of providing more cycles than their dry-cell cousins, have the disadvantage of being at the mercy of their operators, a factor which more often than not drastically shortens their lives. In choosing AGM, GFP or GTP, any problems with operator misuse are eliminated as the batteries are sealed. That means no possibilities for use of the wrong water, overfilling or any other such mistakes.

In DBS's eyes, the battery technology that pips others to the post for the Cleaning & Maintenance industry is Gel Tubular (GTP). In incorporating tubular rather than flat plates, the GTP battery gains enhanced qualities of robustness and resilience and the electrolyte is piped into the tubular plates, meaning it is protected from shedding and utilised to its full extent. The results of this are a longer life-cycle, and shorter charging cycles with better results than would be achieved from cycling a battery with exposed, vulnerable flat plates.

The Bottom Line - Reputation

Choice of a better battery enhances the overall reputation of a machine and the benefits can ultimately be felt across the whole chain, from Manufacturer or Distributor in terms of supporting a carefully cultivated brand image and reputation, right through to the Cleaning Professionals out on the road who want to do their best work, unhindered by having to maintain a machine.

We want everyone to experience the benefits that can be harnessed by using a better battery! DBS Energy are your dedicated battery specialists for life. Want to know more or discuss your requirements with an expert? Give DBS a call on 01858 433330 or email us at

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