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Brightwell introduces Nexus - IoT-enabled smart dosing system

Published 7th May, 2024 by Neil Nixon

Brightwell introduces Nexus - IoT-enabled smart dosing system

Brightwell has introduced Nexus, a smart laundry dosing system designed to transform commercial laundry operations through seamless remote monitoring. Engineered by Brightwell, a global leader in chemical dilution and dosing systems, Nexus combines advanced pump technology with secure network connectivity, offering a versatile solution for businesses seeking to optimise their laundry management processes.

Nexus empowers businesses with secure remote access, enabling program adjustments, configurations and valuable data reporting. Along with its low-maintenance diaphragm pump technology, Nexus can help reduce the need for frequent site visits. Operating on a fully integrated Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Nexus is designed to save time, reduce costs, and enhance resource efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits:

Patented Diaphragm Pump Technology: Minimise maintenance costs and reduce the need for servicing with Nexus' chemically resistant pumps, ensuring consistent and accurate flow rates.

Secure Remote Connectivity and Data Management: Capture and filter data, offering insights with system security from Microsoft Azure.

Adaptability: Available with 3-8 pumps, the Nexus unit is easily upgradable with plug-and-play pump modules providing ultimate flexibility.

Ancillary Accessories: Enhance functionality with accessories including the Formula Select module for easy program control and the Flush Manifold for safe chemical flushing.

User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Control: Nexus boasts a user-friendly setup with software compatible across Windows, Android, and iOS. Bluetooth control and the BrightNet Connect web portal facilitate remote access, allowing users to customise wash programs and adjust dosages effortlessly.

Valuable information: Delve into laundry operations, providing insights into chemical consumption, dosing amounts, and costs. Downloadable reports in PDF and Excel formats allow users to interrogate data, identify areas for improvement, and optimise their laundry operations.

Nexus enables a smarter and more effective approach, combining cutting-edge technology with operational efficiency.

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