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Brightwell achieves ISO14001

Published 9th July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Brightwell achieves ISO14001

Brightwell Dispensers has been awarded the international certification ISO14001, marking the achievement of an intensive six month project led by the QA team. ISO14001 is an international accreditation which recognises companies’ corporate policy to integrate environmentally-friendly processes throughout all stages of product development, and across all departments. The certificate is part of an environmental management system (EMS) that goes further than national and international environmental policies, encouraging companies to review all their processes to minimise the impact on the environment. It is part of a voluntary scheme, whereby companies set their own challenging targets to improve the way they operate.

The first steps towards ISO14001 for Brightwell included going through each department to identify current and future operations that could interact with the environment. From this analysis, the QA team set realistic targets for the company to achieve within three years, including:

• To cut energy usage by 5-10% over the next year.
• To reduce gas usage by 10% by 2014.
• To reduce water usage by 10% by 2014.
• To reduce paper usage by 25% during 2012-2013.
• To increase recycling of process waste by 25% in 2012 and an additional 10% in 2013.
• To reduce transport between sites by 5% in 2012 and 20% by 2013-14.

Brightwell put in place tools and processes to minimise risks and maximise reusability of components. The newly installed granulator in its production site is a perfect example of reusing waste, as unwanted plastic parts are broken down into granules, ready for re-moulding. Other green steps undertaken include ergonomic designs, the minimisation of energy consumption thanks to motion-sensor lights, oil spillage kits, recycling stations, communication posters to increase environmental awareness... reaching much further than the original, modest ecological programme of hazardous waste control and packaging recycling which the company held previously.

Employees were encouraged to participate and give their green ideas. Two members of Brightwell’s production team came up with excellent energy saving ideas that were taken into account to improve the company’s carbon footprint.

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