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Published 29th April, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Bread winner

Axis Cleaning and Support Services has been appointed by Guenther Bakeries UK Ltd to provide specialised food hygiene, cleaning and laundry services to its main Manchester-based factory.

Jim McDade, head of technical services for Guenther Bakeries UK, said that the company previously sourced its cleaning and hygiene provision in-house: “We wanted to move forward at pace and ensure that we had the appropriate resource to utilise the most advanced infrastructures, methodology and technology. The bakery sector is a fast-moving, niche industry and I felt the company could benefit from the experience of an external provider to help us stay ahead of customer expectations.”

Axis Cleaning and Support Services provides food hygiene expertise and cleaning services, including the cleaning of all equipment, machinery, conveyors, walls, ceilings and surfaces as well the management of the hygiene department and laundry services. Responsibilities also include full food safety and regulatory compliance and provision of due diligence.

McDade said that Axis employees impressed him from the start with their grasp of what was required: “Originally there were three suppliers in the tender process but only one stood out. Axis Cleaning and Support Services' knowledge of the finer detail of our audit requirements - including the American Institute of Baking (AIB) food safety audits - was a particular advantage, as was the training, experience and day-to-day management expertise it could offer.”

Axis Cleaning and Support Services transferred all existing Guenther cleaning and hygiene staff across to the company under TUPE, following a process of consultation with the union and with the long-standing Guenther employees. “The attraction and key driver for out-sourcing was increased efficiency and flexibility around production shutdown and cleaning windows,” continued McDade. “The vision is that Axis will be able to better optimise current and additional personnel to fit around the business needs.”

Stuart Buswell, managing director of Axis Cleaning and Support services, said: “The industry is defined by the most exacting health and safety and hygiene regulations and we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist Guenther in furthering the efficiencies with which it ensures its compliance.”

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