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Biodegradable nitrile disposable glove launched

Published 24th January, 2014 by Neil Nixon

Biodegradable nitrile disposable glove launched

Globus, the organisation which introduced the world's first disposable nitrile glove, N-DEX, has now launched what it claims to be the world's first biodegradable nitrile disposable glove in the UK and Ireland. Green-DEX biodegrades in biologically-active landfills, thus providing an effective single-use hand protection solution as well as the ability to boost a company's green credentials and reduce its recycling costs.

The 'biodegradable' characteristic is made possible by the innovative, patent-pending Eco Best Technology (EBT). The EBT organic additive is designed to make Green-DEX attractive to microbial activity in a landfill. Upon consumption of the EBT formulation, micro-organisms excrete enzymes that depolymerise the nitrile. The result is biogases and inert humus. Normal nitrile gloves take decades, if not hundreds of years, to biodegrade and break down in landfill whereas the biodegradation rate of Green-DEX is far more rapid.

Testing by an independent research lab has confirmed that 20% of a Green-DEX glove will have biodegraded in 160 days compared to the controlled N-DEX gloves which had less than 2% biodegraded. Importantly there is no difference in shelf life as Green-DEX does not start to biodegrade until it is in landfill.

The Eco-Best Technology does not compromise the quality of the glove. Green-DEX is representative of the same exact performance standards of the original N-DEX glove and has the same polymer performance characteristics in modulus, elongation and tensile strength.

Nitrile reacts positively to a wearer's hand shape and skin forming a snug fit on the hand thus allowing for increased sensitivity and good dexterity. Nitrile doesn't contain any natural rubber latex and, therefore, can be worn by anyone with a latex sensitivity.

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