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Bin design encourages recycling

Published 14th December, 2015 by Neil Nixon

Bin design encourages recycling

'Given a stimulus to stop and think, most people would prefer to recycle rather than commit waste to landfill' - based on this concept, Leafield Environmental, in partnership with the University of Greenwich, produced the Meridian Envirobin designed to encourage users to segregate recyclables from non-recyclable waste at source.

Prior research indicated that as much as 70% of the waste generated in the university was recyclable so a twin-lidded bin was produced with a 70:30 split in favour of the recyclables stream. The 'stop and think' stimulus was achieved by putting a lift lid on the non-recyclable waste side while providing clear, instructional signage. The scheme turned out to be a great success, proving the concept and helping the university along its sustainability journey towards a zero waste goal.

In order to meet other customer requirements, the 110 litre Meridian Envirobin has been developed further with a range of lid combinations that includes triple lids, and a round aperture module for cans, bottles or cups. A liquids reservoir and lid were also made available and soon after, a 100% open top version and a 70:30 split lid with both sides open.

Seeing the 100% open lid, a customer suggested that a lower version with a smaller capacity would be ideal for use in an office environment and the Mini Meridian was born with a capacity of 87 litres
All lids come in WRAP compliant colours, are interchangeable and can be complemented with clear instructional labelling and signage.

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