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BICSc launches European accreditation standards

Published 26th May, 2010 by Neil Nixon

BICSc launches European accreditation standards

BICSc has announced the launch of new European Accreditation Standards for cleaning equipment and systems. These will provide all areas of the cleaning industry with an assurance of independently field-tested excellence by which to judge the quality and effectiveness of products offered in the professional cleaning market.

The first company to be awarded BICSc Accreditation is Ecolab for its institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitising products. With sales of $6 billion and more than 26,000 associates in over 160 countries, Ecolab is a leader in cleaning, sanitising, food safety and infection prevention products and services.

Manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment and materials are invited to submit their products for field testing by the Institute to establish their reliability, efficiency and safety in the environments in which they are intended to be used, and to obtain the Institute’s accreditation as a badge of approved reliability and safety. The testing regime is arduous and thorough and culminates in the provision of a ‘field trials outcome report’ to the manufacturer or supplier submitting the equipment for accreditation. Equipment meeting the required test standards will be awarded a Certificate of Accreditation, and the manufacturer or supplier will be entitled to use the BICSc Accreditation logo in its promotional and point of sale material.

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