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Best practice outlined in effective asset management guide

Published 1st October, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Best practice outlined in effective asset management guide

Asset and facilities management software provider, Service Works Group, has published a guide examining best practice in asset management. The guide explains the different types of asset management, examines the phases of an asset's life, and explores the role of technology in achieving proactive asset management. Actively managing assets is essential for efficient and sustainable operation of an organisation and supports assets functioning within design parameters.

As explained in the guide, the fundamental principle of asset management is to intervene at strategic points in an asset's normal life with optimised repair and maintenance activities, in order to maintain the performance of an asset and extend its life.

A good asset management strategy can deliver significant financial and performance improvements. It supports an organisation's corporate goals and objectives, manages and minimises risk and helps define business continuity strategies.

To receive a complimentary copy of Service Works' 'Guide to effective asset management for buildings and equipment', please email or call 0208 877 4080.