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Being a manager in times of change

Published 18th December, 2009 by Neil Nixon

Being a manager in times of change

The Association of Building Cleaning Service Providers recently hosted its Managers Day with FM Guru at Manchester United Football Club in Old Trafford, Manchester. The fully attended event addressed issues currently impacting managers who work for or with local authorities.

The day began with a stakeholder analysis, as the attendees were encouraged to think strategically in terms of current and future needs. The second session dealt with the increasing requirement for managers to have a greater commercial focus by locating and exploiting opportunities around facilities management as they diversify into other areas.

After an enjoyable tour of the stadium’s facilities over lunch, the third session dealt with plenary awareness, as attendees were assisted in gaining an understanding of their position in relation to others.

The fourth session dealt with improving communication and marketing in the workplace towards stakeholders and featured useful tools, techniques, exercises and action planning.

The fifth and final session of the day dealt with change and positive responses to transition. The attendees were given several sources to follow up and informed of the importance of keeping positive through difficult times and upheaval.

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