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Be UV aware - sun safety saves lives

Published 5th July, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Be UV aware - sun safety saves lives

Currently over 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK with six people dying each day as a result - yet 90% of all skin cancer cases could be prevented if our exposure to UV rays was controlled.

Deb - a leading innovator and supplier of skin care products and hand sanitising solutions - is proactively campaigning to raise awareness of the risks associated with prolonged UV exposure to those who spend a significant amount of time outside as part of their job.

Worryingly, very few of us are UV aware, so Deb is also alerting those who spend a considerable amount of time outside or those who have a duty of care to protect those exposed to UV rays to be aware of the daily UV Index. When the UV level reaches three or above, protection is required.

“Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and steps have to be taken to ensure people are aware just how severe the risk is, and what steps they can take to protect themselves and others,” said Paul Jakeway, marketing director at Deb. “We have created a range of UV protection creams to help prevent skin damage. In addition, we are supporting national charity Skcin to raise awareness and make everybody active in protecting themselves from the sun, including their Sun Safe schools programme.”

There is also uncertainty about what sun cream factor is appropriate. The minimum sun cream protection you should use is SPF30, and it's also important to use a sun cream with a broad spectrum UVA protection. Reapplication is crucial too - it is recommended that cream is reapplied liberally every two to three hours.

The Deb Stoko UV Range is a solution for anyone outside in the warmer months as it covers all bases, protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as the artificial UVC rays created by industrial processes such as welding. The Stokoderm Sun PROTECT range is available as 30ml and 100ml tubes, 200ml spray, and 1litre cartridges, and comes in SPF 30 and SPF 50 formats.

Alongside its product range, Deb is launching a campaign of activity nationwide this summer to help generate broad awareness of why active sun protection is so important. As part of this campaign, Deb is also offering a range of resources, including awareness posters, brochures, and toolbox presentations to employers and employees to provide education on the importance of sun safety.

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