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BCC proud to support the real Living Wage

Published 22nd February, 2021 by Neil Nixon

BCC proud to support the real Living Wage

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) has renewed its commitment to being a Living Wage employer, encouraging member organisations to support the payment of the real Living Wage. This commitment should apply equally to directly employed staff and to third party contracted staff.

BCC chairman, Paul Thrupp, said: “The BCC is proud to restate its commitment to the real Living Wage campaign as we firmly believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s wage and that applies to all staff within our industry. Not only is paying the real Living Wage good for employees and their families, but it is also good for businesses, bringing benefits such as improving morale and better staff retention.”

Deputy chairman of the BCC, Jim Melvin, added: “Many organisations and businesses in the cleaning and hygiene sector are also real Living Wage employers and we want to encourage more to make this commitment. Cleaning and hygiene personnel are hard-working, skilled and dedicated people and many are on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus, often putting themselves at risk to do vital work, keeping key industries going and protecting the health and well-being of others. They deserve a fair day’s wage for a hard day’s work and recognition of the skills and training they have acquired.”

The real Living Wage is higher than the government’s minimum, or National Living Wage, and is an independently calculated hourly rate of pay that is based on the actual cost of living. It is currently £9.50 in the UK, with a higher rate of £10.85 for London, reflecting the higher costs of living in the capital.

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