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BCC expresses unease towards planned frontline public sector cuts

Published 29th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

BCC expresses unease towards planned frontline public sector cuts

Reports that councils across the UK are planning redundancies in response to the growing crisis in local government spending have been met with apprehension by the British Cleaning Council. Information released recently revealed that up to 20,000 jobs will be axed by local authorities as they attempt to cut running costs during the economic downturn.

The widespread planned redundancies follow warnings by economists that former frontline public-sector workers will account for most of the anticipated unemployment increases in 2010. It also adds to the growing sense of unease amongst council workers that the quality of frontline services provided by councils will suffer greatly because of a lack of staff resources.

The Department for Communities and Local Government released a statement recently confirming that its grant to English councils is due to increase by 4% in the next financial year - above the rate of inflation.

But many authorities are being forced to draw up drastic economies in anticipation of expected cuts in government grants from 2011 - regardless of which party wins this year's general election.

Steve Wright, chairman of the British Cleaning Council, said: "The public places a high value on local services: waste refuse, parks and public conveniences play a prominent role in people’s daily lives. We hope that councils have fully explored alternative ways of making efficiency savings before resorting to cuts that will negatively impact frontline services."

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