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BBC Watchdog raises cleanliness concerns in restaurant chains

Published 21st September, 2017 by Neil Nixon

BBC Watchdog raises cleanliness concerns in restaurant chains

BBC Watchdog revelations should signal a wake-up call for the cleaning and hospitality sectors, and highlights the need for a quick and effective way to remove harmful bacteria from all catering services.

Following news that BBC’s Watchdog programme found bacteria from faeces in samples of iced drinks from some of the UK’s leading restaurants and coffee shops, there has been an increasing flow of advice and information from the cleaning industry, particularly from ice machine manufacturers who have been queuing up to give advice to operators.

Alastair Scott, sales director at Robert Scott, explained: “It’s not just simply about the cleanliness of a restaurant’s hand hygiene practices. This whole issue should raise the level of concern regarding the cleaning of all food preparation surfaces, floors and dining tables, ensuring that the right products and training are used for each potentially hazardous surface area. All equipment, work surfaces, floors, cupboards, walls, and appliances must be cleaned appropriately, regularly and thoroughly, ensuring that dirt and grease are removed and bacteria significantly reduced. One of the most effective materials to use is microfibre and, even better, a disposable version of this proven method of tackling the removal of bacteria without the need for potentially harmful chemicals. We introduced microfibre into our range nearly 20 years ago, and this year launched Mi-Cloth, a new disposable microfibre cleaning cloth which prevents the cross-contamination of surfaces as you can wipe and throw.”

Alastair Scott continued: “Cloths used in catering and healthcare institutions have been found to still contain high levels of bacteria after being laundered. By using Mi-Cloth as opposed to traditional cloths cleaning professionals can be confident that as much as 99.9% of bacteria will be removed from surfaces with the risk of cross contamination also significantly reduced. Finally, training on how to use and get the best out of each product is a major consideration and our sales teams are all available to help train staff, both managers and cleaners, on getting the best from cleaning products. The revelations from the Watchdog investigation should be a wake-up call to all catering establishments - in fact any business that is serving the public should be paying attention to their cleaning regimes and at Robert Scott’s we’re here to help.”

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