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Battery technology offers practical cost savings

Published 16th June, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Battery technology offers practical cost savings

As a leading independent distributor of industrial batteries and related power storage equipment, Manbat Industrial is able to supply the most appropriate individual elements to ensure the suitability of the overall package. In addition, it has a large number of service engineers and can therefore provide a truly national service encompassing general battery advice, as well as sales and service support.

Manbat Industrial is also the country's sole distributor of US Battery Manufacturing Company's deep cycle batteries. US Battery's range includes 2, 6, 8, and 12-volt lead acid batteries, as well as AGM batteries and watering systems. The majority of the batteries in the lead-acid range incorporate its unique Diamond Plate Technology, which it denotes with the Xtreme Capacity (XC2) label - to provide those using high energy drawing equipment such as floor cleaning machines with the ideal battery solution as they combine higher initial capacity and greater total energy delivery.

US Battery's Diamond Plate Technology has made it possible for the company to produce a uniformly fine crystal structure throughout the battery's plate formulation, through the introduction of a synthetic tetrabasic lead sulphate (TTBLS) additive. The net result is enhanced battery performance and charging characteristics, which prolongs the life of the battery.

Prior to the introduction of synthetic TTBLS additives, the plate production process required a high temperature, high humidity curing process. Even though this curing process was well controlled and produced consistently high levels of TTBLS, it was not well suited for controlling the size of the individual crystals that were 'grown' in the crystal development process. The resulting crystals therefore varied widely and if they grew too large, the plates would become difficult to form. This ultimately affects the battery's performance, returning a lower capacity and less efficient charge characteristics.

XC2 batteries therefore deliver increased initial capacity, higher peak capacity, enhanced recharge-ability, improved vibration, and shock resistance. The batteries also gain improved energy density and specific energy without any increase in their size or weight.

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