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Back to school

Published 20th May, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Back to school

Every autumn brings problems to maintenance teams in schools and colleges across the country who are faced with cleaning leaves and debris from their gutters. The question is, do they save money by leaving them for another year or clean them to avoid blockages and the resulting damp walls?

Maintenance teams can clean gutters as frequently as they wish with a high powered, heavy duty, lightweight, pole operated gutter cleaning unit - SkyVac. This tool allows staff to clean gutters up to four storeys whilst standing at ground level. A camera at the top of the pole provides a live feed to a screen on the handle so the operator can see the debris, witness its removal, and can simultaneously record the procedure for others.

One of many Oxford schools and colleges that have invested in a SkyVac system is St Hugh's College. Will Barton, building maintenance manager, is responsible for a 14 acre site and accommodation for 800 students. All maintenance is carried out in-house. He said: “My SkyVac system is designed with operator safety in mind which is most important to us. It is operated from ground level and the camera shows me the job before, during, and upon completion. It is versatile too - recently after a storm we cleared a flood quickly and efficiently because the vacuum has wet and dry capabilities. I can now maintain gutters and all high level interior and exterior cleaning as required without huge equipment hire costs.”

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