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Angle neck toilet cleaner range available

Published 29th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Angle neck toilet cleaner range available

The line-up in Greyland’s angle-neck toilet cleaner range features products for both daily and deep cleaning: Toilet Cleaner and Descaler, Triple S (Stainless Steel Safe) cleaner, Toilet Freshener, Apple Toilet Freshener, Spring Toilet Freshener, and Limescale Remover.

Apple Toilet Freshener is ideal for daily deodorising of toilets and urinals. Apply neat around the bowl and particularly under the rim. The one litre angle-neck container makes this an easy application. Best left overnight for complete freshness and a clean apple fragrance.

Spring Toilet Freshener is the same as the above but with a fresh Spring-like fragrance. Where neutral odours are preferred, Toilet Freshener is for daily aroma-free deodorising of toilets and urinals. Spring Toilet Freshener contains a little citric acid to descale where necessary. Both Apple and Toilet Freshener are all daily refreshers with powerful fragrances.

Limescale Remover is a powerful germicidal descaler for use on most toilet and washroom surfaces, including stainless steel and chrome. Leave for five minutes and brush stubborn stains. This product is particularly useful in high limescale areas such as prevail in the south of England and London. Toilet Cleaner and Descaler has been formulated for ceramic toilets and sinks only.

Triple S is one of Greyland’s best-selling toilet and washroom products and is the preferred product for deep cleaning and descaling of stainless steel and chrome fittings whenever required. Requires just five minutes dwell time.

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