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Air washing technology gains approval from Allergy UK

Published 11th March, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Air washing technology gains approval from Allergy UK

Environmental Hygiene Solutions, provider of airborne purification technology for the private and public sector, has announced that the Sanyo Virus Washer product range has been awarded the seal of approval from Allergy UK (The British Allergy Foundation). Environmental Hygiene Solutions is the exclusive UK distributor of the Virus Washer, which can neutralise airborne allergens as well as viruses and other contaminants.

One in three of the UK population is affected by allergies at some point in their lives. Airborne allergens such as house mites, animal hairs, pollen and mould spores present a year round problem to sufferers. With symptoms ranging from runny noses to itchy skin to poor concentration, Sanyo developed the Virus Washer product range, which suppresses airborne allergens using Sanyo’s electrolysed water technology.

Created for both domestic and commercial use, the Sanyo Virus Washer technology operates by forcing air to circulate through a honeycomb filter containing electrolysing tap water, removing 99% of airborne allergens and producing a constant stream of cleaned air from the unit.

The Virus Washer technology does not require any additional chemicals and uses the chloride ions present in ordinary tap water. When electrolysed within the Sanyo unit, hydroxyl radicals and hypochlorous acid are created that destroy the spikes on the surface of the virus.

Electrolysed water particles also wrap around, disinfect and deodorise airborne viruses, bacteria and mould, as well as pollen, dust mite faeces and odour molecules.

The commercial grade VW-VF10BG Virus Washer model offers 360° protection to areas up to 100m² (300m³), with a powerful three stage fan distributing ‘washed air’ around the room. Air is forced through a first stage particle filter and then through a disinfectant element which has electrolysed water running over it. The smaller ABU ABC units, which are suitable for areas up to 40m², use a HEPA 4 stage filter to carry out the first stage of cleaning.

In addition to cleaning the air that passes through the units, Sanyo Virus Washer technology also produces air containing safe molecules of hydroxyl radicals and hypochlorous acid which cleans air outside of the unit.

Neil Ellwood, commercial manager at Environmental Hygiene Solutions, said: “The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a massive rise in the number of allergy sufferers and as a result, demand for simple and eco-friendly solutions is at an all time high. Virus Washer offers a discreet yet powerful solution that delivers cleaner and allergen-free air at the touch of a button. We are thrilled to be officially recognised by Allergy UK as a product that is helping to support allergy sufferers to breathe easy through innovative and environmentally friendly technology.”

Virus Washer has been approved and tested by health experts worldwide including Allergy UK, British Lung Foundation and the Health Protection Agency.

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