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Aero Backpack ‘prioritises comfort and flexibility’

Published 21st August, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Aero Backpack ‘prioritises comfort and flexibility’

Diversey has introduced a new addition to its successful Aero range. The Taski Aero Backpack vacuum cleaner can be comfortably carried as a portable electric version, but is also available as a battery version for greater agility.

The Taski Aero BP is a unique 3-in-1 solution that can be used as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum and even a blower. The backpack vacuum is ideal for cleaning in areas that are difficult to access with a conventional vacuum cleaner. The battery model is ideal for building circulation areas, or anywhere the presence of the public makes safety a priority.

“Our customers asked us to develop a backpack vacuum cleaner that offers maximum comfort for their users and still delivers excellent results,” said Diversey’s Lawrence Osborne. “The small motor size and the lightness - as well as the low noise levels - provide the users with great flexibility and comfort. Within a few seconds you can even convert the vacuum backpack into a low profile, super-compact battery tub vac. Both versions can also be transformed into a blower, which clients in hospitality and building owners alike will fully appreciate when dealing with seasonal or inclement weather. It is a great example of Taski delivering more value for its customers.”

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