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Advice on warewasher service agreements

Published 12th September, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Advice on warewasher service agreements

Nelson is advising anybody about to buy a glasswasher or dishwasher to carefully check the terms of their service agreement and, for those that don’t opt for one, to ascertain the cost and waiting time of an emergency call out from their supplier.

“Glasswashers especially, but dishwashers too, are understandably put through their paces in the summer months as it’s usually the busiest time of year for any food and drink based establishment,” said John Nelson, MD of Nelson Dish and Glasswashing Machines. “Unsurprisingly, it’s also the time that many operators will need an urgent repair or service. For some, it’s the first time they will look closely at the terms their supplier offers and realise that they have to pay exorbitant costs and possibly have to wait for several days before the machine is back in action.”

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