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Advance contributes to Thames clean-up

Published 15th January, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Advance contributes to Thames clean-up

Advance Cleaning Services has won a contract at the More London business centre in Southwark. The contract is for three years, with an option for two further years. Led by Daniel Miles, Advance’s team will provide vertical cleaning for buildings 2 and 6.

As part of the contract, Advance will be donating to the environmental charity, Thames21, which aims to bring London’s waterways to life. It cleans up neglected and littered areas so that wildlife and local communities can use and enjoy their waterways. As part of its partnership, Advance will either donate a percentage of its profits, or it will get actively involved in one of the clean up operations.

More London is one of London’s major business parks. As well as offices, it also includes City Hall, a number of shops and restaurants, and an amphitheatre that holds a variety of free events in the summer.

Advance director David Saville is proud that Advance has been given the opportunity to work at such a vibrant site: “More London is undoubtedly an impressive space and we’re so pleased to have won this contract. More London prides itself on being one of the best business parks and we look forward to helping them maintain this reputation.”