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Adding sparkle to UK Poundland stores

Published 5th November, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Adding sparkle to UK Poundland stores

TC Facilities Management (TCFM) has secured the contract to deliver window and external signage cleaning for every Poundland store across the country. The contract, being delivered by a team from TC Specialist Services, provides window cleaning services to every Poundland store, four DCs and admin offices in the UK along with each Dealz store in the Republic of Ireland. The contract utilises innovative software which will help to deliver robust scheduling, monitoring and management reporting to Poundland.

Eric Dawson, business manager, TC Specialist Services, said: "Having previously provided services to about half of Poundland sites, we are delighted to now be providing our services to the complete portfolio. This award of contract has been as a result of us building relationships over a five year period that demonstrate our efficient and proactive response to Poundland’s needs, particularly by our helpdesk, led by Abby Tordoff.”

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