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Acquisition targets revealed in new analysis

Published 11th July, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Acquisition targets revealed in new analysis

A new acquisition study from market analysts Plimsoll Publishing Ltd has named which of the UK's largest contract cleaning and support service companies are attractive takeover targets. The study, which analyses the UK's largest 1144 companies, warns that a combination of stock piling cash, low interest rates, and ageing directors has left these companies open for acquisition as the sector consolidates, evolves, and starts to prosper again.

David Pattison, lead analyst at Plimsoll, said: “These businesses named as highly attractive takeover targets are showing classic acquisition criteria. They are all declining in financial strength, many have an aging board and some are still privately owned. Given the circumstances, it's quite possible that perhaps some of the directors will be looking to retire or even consider a sale. With these findings in mind it will be no surprise that we will see more acquisition activity. Let's also remember an acquisition should not be seen as a negative thing, it's an opportunity for both the buyer and the seller - the buyers get to take on a new business and invest, the sellers get to belong to a new company and get a whole new future.”

The new Plimsoll Acquisition Study, priced at £500 + vat, provides an in-depth industry analysis of the leading players in the market. The report contains a valuation, acquisition attractiveness score, and overall financial rating for each company. It is designed to help anyone looking at buying or selling companies to understand the options open to them.

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